Let Us Show You Japanfs Natural Beauty by Bicycle

Many people picture Japan as a country filled with crowded cities like Tokyo and high-tech car factories where robots work super accurately. The famous Golden Pavilion, the rock gardens and Geisha strolling through the streets of Kyoto may also come up to your mind. But wait! Japan is not just about the modernity and the tradition! Just a short drive or train ride takes you out of a big city to numerous rural roads perfectly suited for cycling and forest trails that used by people who lived in the hills. It is a little-known fact that Japan has quite rich natural resources - 70% of Japanfs land is mountains and hills, 10% is agricultural land, and 3% is rivers and lakes. Being a small island country, Japan has got everything within short distances. From the mountains to the rivers, and onto the ocean, the constantly changing scenery will convince you Japan is one of the best cycling destinations in Asia! Japan is also blessed with abundant natural hot springs, the bountiful sea as well as the mountains, which we believe make the cycle touring so culturally interesting in this country. Come and join our tours to see a side of Japan you never knew existed.

    Kenichi Kawamura is the Founder and Director of Aloha Biketrip. He loves travelling with a bike in one hand and a surfboard in the other!
Our values          
Cycling is an environmentally friendly form of travel that helps us appreciate the beauty of the nature. Our desire is to provide people of any age and ability with opportunities to experience the joy of cycling as well as to help define our relationship with the nature. We recognise that by providing our support vehicle, we cannot be 100% eco-friendly, however, we are continually working to minimise the impact of our operations.
The natural environment we work and play in is very vulnerable to human activities, and we also become vulnerable by exposing ourselves to possible injuries and other unexpected events in the outdoor settings. As outdoor enthusiasts, we recognise our responsibilities to respect the fragile ecosystem we are part of and to protect equal outdoor opportunities for future generations. We are working very closely with the industry to promote consistent professionalism and safety standards to achieve our goals.
We believe our operation of bike trips can positively contribute to the enhancement of the local communities we visit. Our commitment includes working together with and supporting local guides, supplying locally produced food as riding snacks and lunches, and paying visits to locally owned onsen facilities, restaurants and shops. We are hopeful that the little efforts we are making eventually benefit the local businesses financially, and also facilitate the interaction between the local people and our clients.
Aloha Biketrip believes in our ability to help you strengthen your relationship with the nature through bike riding. We often find that engaging in the common activity also helps people form lasting friendships. Our guides, with the Aloha spirit, are always willing to help build a bridge of friendship, and we find this part of our job very special and meaningful.
We are Aloha guides                
Kiyoshi is a year-round outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys cycling, surfing and snowboarding. To him any outdoor space is a treasure trove of adventure and excitement.
Competed in a number of adventure races in Japan and New Zealand, Kurara is a well trained athletic person. He also works as a guide for trail running and sea kayaking tours in the Izu area.
With racing and instructing backgrounds, G-san has the extensive knowledge and experience in mountain biking. His skills are not limited to riding alone but also his filming technique is of special note!

So passionate about any kind of bike riding, Akkun is an inspiring cyclist who encourages people to more fully enjoy their riding experience.

Looks after the important component of our trips ? the food! Ai is the person to ask about the local speciality and nice onsen. Apart from being a good cook she is also a keen gardener, and in love with her cat Rin.